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Why do I need wisdom teeth removal?

A lot of people between the ages of 18 to 25 struggle with their wisdom teeth. Dental experts advise removing such wisdom as:
  • They can cause extreme pain if they are trapped in the jawbones
  • They can grow at odd angles & distort your smile.
  • They can cause serious infections if left unattended.

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We understand you might feel nervous or intimidated with wisdom teeth removal. At Dento 365, our experts ensure maximum comfort & minimum pain so you can get a perfect smile.

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We offer Interest-free Payment Plans for hassle-free treatment


How much will Wisdom tooth removal cost?

At Dento 365, we aim to provide cost-effective wisdom teeth removal services to all our patients. But as every case of wisdom tooth removal is unique, so is the wisdom tooth removal cost Australia.

In general, our wisdom teeth removal starts from $ 300 per tooth for simple extraction.

The exact price depends on your specific needs.

Remember, we offer interest-free payment plans too.

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