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What is Invisalign® ?

Invisalign® is the State-of-the-art clear plastic orthodontic aligner that moves your teeth together gently. As prescribed by the Dental Experts, you’ll have to wear this aligner for about 20 hours a day.

It can straighten your Smile more comfortably than braces.

With the advanced 3D software technology of Invisalign® , you can observe how your Smile will transform after the treatment.

Smile Free with Brace-less Magic

Invisalign® offers you freedom from odd-looking braces so that you can smile carefree. These aligners are custom-designed for your Smile. Once in place, Invisalign will do its Magic gently & will create your Dream Smile.

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Why Invisaligners?

Almost Invisible

Invisalign trays are almost transparent & invisible. So they will not impact your Social or Professional Life.

Negligible discomfort

Invisalign trays are crafted as per the individual needs of a person. So they create negligible discomfort.

Easily Removable

Compared to metal braces, Invisalign is extremely easy to remove without causing damage to your gums.

Easy to manage Oral Hygiene

As they are removable & food particles don’t stick into them, you can maintain your Oral Hygiene better.

Is Invisalign® the right choice for you?

Generally, Invislaigners work like a charm for most individuals. But for some, it might not be that.

Before getting Invisalign for you, we perform a thorough analysis of your Smile. If the conditions are favourable, we proceed further.

So we would recommend consulting an expert before making any decision.

5 factors related to the cost of Invisalign® in Brisbane

The cost of Invisalign varies greatly depending on your Dental Condition. So it’s challenging to give a specific number before a consultation. But on average, the Invisalign cost Sydney can range from to $4000 to $9000. Some factors that affect the Cost of Invisalign:

Your Jaw Size

Smaller jaws mean we will have to spend more time on widening them. 

This might increase your Invisalign cost.

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The proportion of Misalignment

If your teeth are too misaligned, we will need more time & effort to fix them.

This might lead to increased Invisalign Costs.


Misplaced Midline

If your midline is not in the centre, it’s difficult & time-consuming to get it back at the centre.

This might impact the cost of Invisalign.


Bite Problem

If you have an Overbite or Reverse bite, it will take more time to fix it. 

This will increase your Invisalign cost.



We normally give our patients all the retainers necessary to keep you teeth straight for life. The most important thing is to wear the retainers for life. This is part of you Invisalign® cost. 

This will increase your Invisalign® cost.

So if you are looking for the actual cost, it's better to arrange a consultation call


Invisalign® is the most advanced orthodontic system used for teeth alignment. You will get used to it within 3 to 4 days & can speak as usual.
Invisalign® are easily removable. So you can remove them whenever you like for eating & cleaning. But we will recommend you to keep them on for as long as you can. The reason is it will take more time to straighten your Smile if you don’t wear it regularly. So before you start Invisalign treatment, make sure you are prepared to wear it for a longer time.

How Does Invisalign® works?

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