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What is a Digital-guided Dental Implant Surgery?

It’s a technology-aided implant surgery with a minimal incision to ensure less Pain to the patient. This is done by 3D assisted & computer optimised process.

It is the most advanced surgery available right now.

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Why Choose Digitally Guided Implants?

Minimal Incision

Perfect for anyone with diabetes, mental disease, or multiple teeth-loss

Less Risky

Invisalign are crafted as per the individual needs of a person. So they create negligible discomfort.

Quicker treatment

Instead of 130-140 mins, this surgery is completed within 15 mins.

Less Pain

With minimal incision, this surgery is non-invasive with minimal Pain

Faster Recovery

As there is a minimal incision, the recovery is also quick & easy.

How much will Digital Dental Implants cost me?

The cost of a Digital Dental Implant varies depending on your existing dental condition & many other factors. On average, it can cost you between
$3500 to $6500.

Some factors that affect the Cost of Digital Dental Implant

Quality of material chosen

Quality is the pride of workmanship. The materials we use are deemed of the highest quality with affordable prices. We will discuss all options with you.

Bone grafting requirement

Sometimes, you may not have sufficient bone for the implant, so bone grafting may be needed.


Generally, teeth over the implants visible in your smile will need to look much more lifelike and natural. In addition, they may demand higher aesthetics to give you that amazing smile.

Complexity of procedure

If your dentist outsources your Dental implant crafting, it can cost you more. But at Dento 365, our in-house technicians will craft your implant at a much lower price.

Quantity of implant framework

The cost will also depend on how many implants you will need. So based on the number of missing teeth, the cost will vary.

Rest assured, we will guide you in the best possible way to make it a less complicated, cost-effective, creative natural and lifelike look.

That's our uniqueness at Dento365 team of highly trained clinicians.


Digital Dental Implants ensure you get your complete smile with minimal incision & Pain. With the low risk of infection & faster recovery, Digital Dental Implant is the perfect choice.
No, this procedure is not completely Pain-free, but it surely is minimal pain-ful option. As there are minimum incision, you’ll face minimal discomfort & pain.

How Does Dental Implant works?

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